Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Noaspa News - 08.09.2010

Progress Report

Six weeks ago the search term "Noaspa" produced less than 100 results. This morning it produced 5,750. It's a reasonable start but the number needs to get a lot bigger if this new aspartame awareness campaign is going to become a successful one !

Obviously, as with any such campaign ( or blog for that matter), there is a need to develop a good strategy and this will be the subject of a post either here or on Famous Bloggers in the near future. The idea is to present the current strategy to all noaspa members - and hopefully make some dramatic improvements with the help of their feedback, innovative ideas and internet marketing experience.

This Week's Superstars - a quick thanks for fantastic support

Bloggers - spreading the word - and featured at News and Views

New Members at Noaspa 2.0 - a warm welcome and thanks to ....

Updated Statistics
  • Poll 1 -  116 votes (+17), 91% say Aspartame causes serious health problems 
  • Poll 2 -  105 votes (+15)  85% say Sodium Fluoride should not be in
  • Poll 3 -  144 votes (+12)  93% say they will spread the word

More short and sweet news next week - 
preferably, of course, through an e-mail subscription

In the meantime please keep spreading the word ... 
Cheers ;)

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