Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Exceptional Young Girl

This girl is exceptional - but isn't it crazy a 13 year old is having to deal with such things?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Noaspa News - 25.08.2010

Highlight Of The Week
Hoping, of course, that many others will follow Hesham' s fantastic lead - 
and that the number of entries from friends will soon grow at News & Views too.

6 great new Noaspa 2.0 members - all well worth a visit.

Updated Statistics

  • Poll 1 - 72 votes (+28), 90% say Aspartame causes serious health problems 
  • Poll 2 - 63 votes (+23)  84% say Sodium Fluoride should not be in water or toothpaste
  • Poll 3 - 107 votes (+19) 93% say I'm going to spread the word 

Other News / Thoughts / Plans
  • Good News - the ball is beginning to roll, thanks to all concerned
  • Very Good News - people are showing a lot of interest in this project and spending quite a bit of time commenting
  • Bad News - the number of people joining the networks is disappointing!
  • Very Bad News - the number of people voting is ... even more disappointing !!
  • Excellent News - we will find ways, yes we will. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!!!
More short and sweet news next week - 
preferably, of course, through an e-mail subscription

In the meantime please spread the word - so it will be heard 
Cheers ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Noaspa News - 18.08.2010

Welcome to the first of the (approximately) weekly Noaspa News reports that will form the basis of this blog in the future.

It will follow a familiar format including features on
  • Links To New Noaspa 2.0 Members - and their Twitter profiles
  • Updated Statistics - to reflect campaign progress to date &
  • Other Latest News - and ideas to promote campaign growth
 So here, without any further delay, is the first - short and sweet - Noaspa News

New Noaspa 2.0 Members

Updated Statistics
  • Poll 1 - 45 votes, 88% say Aspartame causes serious health problems
  • Poll 2 - 40 votes, 90% say Sodium Fluoride should not be in water or toothpaste
  • Poll 3 - 88 votes, 93% say I'm going to spread the word 
Other Latest News

I just want to say thanks this week to all those people who have helped to start the ball rolling in this awareness campaign. There's a long way to go before the target of 1 million voters is reached - but with continued help and encouragement the rolling ball will begin to gather pace.

More news next week - available, of course, through an e-mail subscription


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Invitation To Join Noaspa 2.0

To Website Owners & Members Of Online Groups

Noaspa 2.0 is an online project that uses the power of the internet and social networking to spread the word about the health issues surrounding Aspartame and Sodium Fluoride in our everyday lives.

The aims of Noaspa 2.0 are to

- generate at least one million online votes
- show the level of public concern surrounding these issues &
- promote further action should public concern be shown as high.

If you would like these aims to be met then please simply

- tell all your online friends about Noaspa 2.0 &
- encourage them to further spread the word through word-of-mouth, e-mails and online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
- subscibe to noaspa news for all the latest developments

Thank you.

P.S. This invitation is currently being sent to website owners and online groups. Anyone wishing to appear on the Noaspa 2.0 page may simply leave a short message below.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twitter Campaign

Website launched, now starting a campaign to attract as large a following as possible for Noaspa on Twitter ... as quickly as possible.

The idea is to focus attention on the concerns surrounding the use of aspartame & sodium fluoride in our food, water & toothpaste -
and to do so in a balanced way.

Highlighting not only genuine concern.
But also the opinions of those that see no problem

If a significant number of people are concerned - something, surely, must be done. But what is a significant number ? 10 ? 100 ? 1,000 ?

OK, let's say a million concerned people would warrant attention.

If that number of people made their genuine concerns public -
surely something should be done ....

Either real proof of safety should be provided by manufacturers / public authorities. Or the unnecessary possibility of serious health problems should be removed.

So if you're concerned - simply start to follow Noaspa on Twitter and retweet the daily post there whenever you can.

Let your friends know too ... help to quickly create a million followers there ( at least )and help to highlight these issues in the public domain.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Noaspa Poll 26.07.2010 - 01.08.2010

Question. Are you concerned about the health issues related to food, water and toothpaste which have been raised on this site?


+ Yes a lot - and I'm going to spread the word. - 92 %
+ Maybe a little - but not enough to tell others. - 8 %
+ No absolutely not - we're in good hands. - 0 %

Total number of votes to date - 24
Number of votes still needed - 999,976