Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twitter Campaign

Website launched, now starting a campaign to attract as large a following as possible for Noaspa on Twitter ... as quickly as possible.

The idea is to focus attention on the concerns surrounding the use of aspartame & sodium fluoride in our food, water & toothpaste -
and to do so in a balanced way.

Highlighting not only genuine concern.
But also the opinions of those that see no problem

If a significant number of people are concerned - something, surely, must be done. But what is a significant number ? 10 ? 100 ? 1,000 ?

OK, let's say a million concerned people would warrant attention.

If that number of people made their genuine concerns public -
surely something should be done ....

Either real proof of safety should be provided by manufacturers / public authorities. Or the unnecessary possibility of serious health problems should be removed.

So if you're concerned - simply start to follow Noaspa on Twitter and retweet the daily post there whenever you can.

Let your friends know too ... help to quickly create a million followers there ( at least )and help to highlight these issues in the public domain.

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