Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Noaspa News - 18.08.2010

Welcome to the first of the (approximately) weekly Noaspa News reports that will form the basis of this blog in the future.

It will follow a familiar format including features on
  • Links To New Noaspa 2.0 Members - and their Twitter profiles
  • Updated Statistics - to reflect campaign progress to date &
  • Other Latest News - and ideas to promote campaign growth
 So here, without any further delay, is the first - short and sweet - Noaspa News

New Noaspa 2.0 Members

Updated Statistics
  • Poll 1 - 45 votes, 88% say Aspartame causes serious health problems
  • Poll 2 - 40 votes, 90% say Sodium Fluoride should not be in water or toothpaste
  • Poll 3 - 88 votes, 93% say I'm going to spread the word 
Other Latest News

I just want to say thanks this week to all those people who have helped to start the ball rolling in this awareness campaign. There's a long way to go before the target of 1 million voters is reached - but with continued help and encouragement the rolling ball will begin to gather pace.

More news next week - available, of course, through an e-mail subscription


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