Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Noaspa News - 25.08.2010

Highlight Of The Week
Hoping, of course, that many others will follow Hesham' s fantastic lead - 
and that the number of entries from friends will soon grow at News & Views too.

6 great new Noaspa 2.0 members - all well worth a visit.

Updated Statistics

  • Poll 1 - 72 votes (+28), 90% say Aspartame causes serious health problems 
  • Poll 2 - 63 votes (+23)  84% say Sodium Fluoride should not be in water or toothpaste
  • Poll 3 - 107 votes (+19) 93% say I'm going to spread the word 

Other News / Thoughts / Plans
  • Good News - the ball is beginning to roll, thanks to all concerned
  • Very Good News - people are showing a lot of interest in this project and spending quite a bit of time commenting
  • Bad News - the number of people joining the networks is disappointing!
  • Very Bad News - the number of people voting is ... even more disappointing !!
  • Excellent News - we will find ways, yes we will. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!!!
More short and sweet news next week - 
preferably, of course, through an e-mail subscription

In the meantime please spread the word - so it will be heard 
Cheers ;)