Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Invitation To Join Noaspa 2.0

To Website Owners & Members Of Online Groups

Noaspa 2.0 is an online project that uses the power of the internet and social networking to spread the word about the health issues surrounding Aspartame and Sodium Fluoride in our everyday lives.

The aims of Noaspa 2.0 are to

- generate at least one million online votes
- show the level of public concern surrounding these issues &
- promote further action should public concern be shown as high.

If you would like these aims to be met then please simply

- tell all your online friends about Noaspa 2.0 &
- encourage them to further spread the word through word-of-mouth, e-mails and online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
- subscibe to noaspa news for all the latest developments

Thank you.

P.S. This invitation is currently being sent to website owners and online groups. Anyone wishing to appear on the Noaspa 2.0 page may simply leave a short message below.